Pen and Ink Art Work

By Fred Voitenko!

Breaching Grey Whale Pen and Ink#1

Apsaroke, Wolf Pen and Ink#2 Beached Boat Pen and Ink#3 Chief Wolf Robe, Cheyenne Pen and Ink#4
Costal Indain Pen and Ink#5 Cottage Pen and Ink#6 African Hight Hat Pen and Ink#7 Pen and Ink#8
Pen and Ink#9 Pen and Ink#10 Wolf Pen and Ink#11 Scout Pen and Ink#12
Pen and Ink#13 Pen and Ink#14

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Each print is $75.00 for an 8 1/2" x 11" & hand signed and dated by Fred Voitenko.

Price includes USPS Priority Mail shipping to US and Canada!

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